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There are a lot of dangerous people out there, and many of them are good at disguising their behavior until they have reeled someone in. Although some people are excellent at deceiving people regarding their toxic behaviors, there are still warning signs, no matter how manipulative someone can be, that indicate they have stalkerish tendencies. For the safety of people dating and entering into healthy relationships, we have defined some of the core stalker tendencies to enable singles to avoid stalkers in dating.

1. Social Media Game is Overt

If someone already seems to know a lot about you or has information on your prior to discussing it with them, then this can indicate they could have stalkerish traits. Someone who is toxic in the real world and prone to stalking someone is also going to do that online. Someone’s behavior, online or offline, will always reflect the state of their heart, so if the person you’re dating or chatting seems overly comfortable with information about you, this could indicate they are a stalker.

Social Media Game is Overt

2. Intense in Communication

Any behavior that is extremely intense, physically or verbally, can indicate that someone has stalker tendencies. For example, if they constantly send you messages or send you stuff when they see you are online in hopes you will respond, then this could indicate toxic behaviors. Another example is if they are overly touchy, especially if you haven’t formed a strong relationship with them to start with. Stalkers always do such things.

stalker tendencies

3. They Don’t Respect Boundaries

Stalker-esque behavior won’t just filter into someone’s love life but every social situation they are in. If the person you’re dating cannot respect the physical or emotional boundaries of another person, then this could be a sign that they are possessive; this is how stalkers art. They are constantly thinking about what they want and don’t understand the social lines people put in place. If they’re comfortable putting others in a place where their boundaries are not respected, they can easily do it in their relationships.

Respect Boundaries

4. Unannounced Visits

Unannounced visits can be cute, but if they are frequent and you get a weird vibe from the person, then they could be a stalker in disguise. Frequent unannounced visits are a clear sign that the person wants to remain in control of someone and keep tabs on what they’re doing. Stalkers know it is easy enough for someone to hide what they’re doing if they know someone is coming, so they will drop by unannounced to keep someone under their thumb.

Signs of Stalking Behavior - Unannounced Visits

5. Physical Aggression

Any form of physical aggression can be a big sign that someone is prone to stalking. Whether it is towards you, another person, animal, or inanimate object indicates serious problems that can lead to stalkerish behavior. Once again, it returns to this idea that the person is only thinking about what they want and desire. They don’t have control and don’t care about what is acceptable that they can take their anger, frustration, and aggression out on those around them.

If you’re in this situation, then try to remain as calm as possible. It can be very easy for them to turn their aggression towards you if they haven’t already. There are people around you who are willing to help and don’t want to see harm come to you. Whether they’re friends or people in the street, if you’re in an unsafe situation, then seek out safety from those around you.

These are some of the signs that someone may be prone to be a stalker. Stalkers do come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to keep safe. Remember to always let someone know where you’re going and who you’re meeting up with. If you don’t know someone well, then put yourself in public situations that will make it easier to remain safe. If you’re uncomfortable with someone you’re with and don’t know how to get out of the situation, talk to someone. If you’re on a date, let someone know, and they can get you out of it, or if you’re in a relationship with someone who behaves like this, then let someone know. Open-up these issues and bring it to light so that you may move on and put yourself in a safer position.

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