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Before we start looking at how to know the difference between the two, you need to know their definitions.

Lust and Infatuation

Lust is a very strong sexual desire for someone.

Infatuation is a very potent and short passion for a person.


There are several differences between the two. Lust is more of an intense sexual desire than anything else. In fact, that definition encapsulates lust. However, it’s important to understand that this feeling can be present when you’re dealing with an infatuation. In that sense, there is a little bit of an overlap between the two. An infatuation, though, doesn’t have to be about physical desire. It can be a desire to get to know someone very well because they’re interesting, attractive, or have a quality that you can’t describe but still draws you in. These are the primary differences between list and infatuation, so it should be clear which one you have based on your physical urges.

10 Questions to Know if You Have an Infatuation

While we’re considering the differences between lust and infatuation, it’s important to help you identify whether you have an infatuation with someone or whether you’re feeling something else. While there are some overlaps with lust, we’ll avoid that urge in general and provide you with several questions you can ask yourself to determine what you’re feeling.

1. Is the person you’re interested in being with perfect or ordinary?

If you feel like someone is too good to be true or you can’t see a flaw, then it’s probably infatuation. Love makes you see and accept their flaws.

2. Do you think you’d lose interest in them if they brushed you off once?

A lot of people who are infatuated with someone snap out of it when the other person rebuffs them.

3. Do you find yourself changing your opinions so that they align with theirs?

A strong obsession with someone will make you reconsider your positions to suit theirs. If you find that you are saying things you don’t mean, then it is likely an infatuation.

4. Do you desperately want their attention?

If you find yourself considering doing things that are not typical for you just to get their attention, then you’re probably not in love with them. You might do crazy stunts to get them to notice you.

5. Can you have a conversation with them without flirting?

When you want to be with someone, and you have a romantic obsession, it’s very hard for you not to flirt. If you can hold a normal conversation, then you might want a real relationship.

6. Would you rather look after their needs or your own?

People who only look after the needs of others and ignore their own definitely meet the criteria of an infatuated person.

7. Is your relationship moving very fast?

Are you head over heels? Can you make a rational choice in the logical progression of your relationship, or do you simply want things to happen fast? If the relationship is going too quickly, then you’re probably not in love.

8. Do you sometimes feel bored with the person when they’re not around?

Being infatuated with someone means you’ll grow bored quickly. If you lose interest when they aren’t near you, then it’s probably just a short-term deal.

9. Are you finding that you’ll do anything your partner asks?

While that might sound like you’re dutiful, the fact is that listening to someone without consideration for yourself can lead to very negative outcomes.

10. Are you willing to lose friendships over being with the person in the short term?

A lot of people think it’s romantic to be willing to put someone at the front of their lifestyle. However, this can also be an incredibly unhealthy basis for a relationship. They should be part of your life, not the whole thing.

There are many differences between infatuations, lust, and love. While lust is certainly a powerful physical feeling, it’s not a long-term one. Infatuations are brief feelings of love and connection that wane in a short period of time. They can be a lot of fun and interesting, but they can also ruin otherwise good relationships. Keep an eye out for better outcomes with romance, and you’ll be better off for it.

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